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Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd was founded in January 1996, is located in Linjiang Industrial Park of Xiaoshan District, the registered capital of 100 million yuan.
The company after years of rapid development, has now become a slice spinning, chemical fiber spand🎀ex, fabric industry, commercial trade, industrial investment, real estate development industry, industrial chain integration, modern private enterprise of main and auxiliary support each other.

The company mainly affiliated with Hangzhou Huifeng ๊Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Xinghui Textile Co Ltd, Hangzhou Huibang Textile Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Xing Hui Import & Export Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Huiling Trading Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Deli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and invest in Hangzhou banglian spandex Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Hengyi polymer Co. Ltd., Zhejiang shuangtu New Material Co., Ltd.; the company has an annual output of 300 thousand tons of polyester textured yarn, 180 million meters of fabric, knitted fabric production capacity of 50 thousand tonsꩲ, the formation of a spinning - texturing textile - a complete industrial chain, industrial pattern formed on the lower reaches of the coordinated development of the.

Over the years the company was named the top 500 private enterprises, the national top 500 manufacturing enterprises, hundred enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District hundred enterprises, top 100 enterprises, Xiaoshan District, Xiaoshan District, the integrity of the enterprise, outstanding contribution to enterprise Xiaoshan district headquarters enterprise, AAA grade bank credit enterprise, AAA grade credit units.
The company now has a total assets of 6 billion yuan, the scale of business of $15 billion, more than 3000 employees. The company always adhere to the "continuous improvement, create brand" spirit of enterprise, "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, to develop and enhance company competition ability under the background of economic globalization. In recent years, the company's total economic output and sustained economic growth, in 2015 to complete the industrial sales revenue 15 billion yuan, profit of over billion yuan, the total amount of over billion tax.

China top 500 private enterprises 328th


China top 500 private manufacturing enterprises 195tꩲh


Zhejiang Province top 100 pr🤡ivate enterpriseᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ𒀱ᩚᩚᩚs


Zhejiang Pro✃vince top 100 private manufacturing enterprises


Zhejiang Province top 100 private the fastest growth enterprise🐭s


The sixth vice🔴 president of China Chemical Fib♋er Association


Famous brand of Zhejiang Province


Famous company in Zhejiang Province


X𝐆iaoshan District outstanding contribution to the enterprise


Charitable donations 20 million yuan

Grasp the present challenges the future
President's Note

Each enterprise's development is a glorious history, even in the same development of the bad environment, the history of the wheel of the traces will be different. Looking back on the journey, every step of the way, is a set of all the staff's efforts and sweat. Now, she is more with the advantages of the group, toward a broader, wider field of development. The future of the road is full of challenges, in the broad prospects for development, the support of all sectors of the community, we will rely on their own strength to walk out of a road of their own rainbow. For the outstanding achievements, I want to thank all the staff's unremitting efforts, thanks to all sectors of the community support and customer friendly cooperation, but also to thank the opportunities brought by this era!
"Seize the present, challenge the future" - this is our eternal pursuit.

  • 1989

    Ding Xingfu, founder of Xinghui Group, leased a small plant named Xiaoshan Luoshan Silk Factory owning 10 frames with ¥60,000 for setting up factories.
     From 1989 to 1995, the factory adopts "red hat&quo💃t; business model.

  • January 31, 1996

    The company was registered as private enterprise named Hangzhou Xinghui Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. according to the "Company Law".
  • 1997

    The company invested ¥30 million in purchasing high-grade imported equipment in the form of installment. In 1998, it invested ¥40 million for the further transformation of the equipment. The output value was ¥1.2 billion and the tax was ¥15 million.
  • 1999

    To further improve product quality and technological content, open up domestic and foreign markets, the company sent personnel to study foreign markets. At the end of the year, the registered capital of the enterprise reached ¥70 million, total assets reached ¥200 million. In 2001, the sales revenue was ¥40 million, and tax was ¥4.5 million, and the profit was ¥16 million.
  • July 2002

    The company was renamed Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. and it developed into a large group enterprise whose technology, performance and R&D level occupy advanced level in China.
  • December 2005

    The company was changed to Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. with registered capital of ¥100 million with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
  • 1999——2010

    The company invested money in Zhejiang Hengyi Polymer Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Banglian Spandex Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shuangtu New Materials Co., Ltd. and received considerable economic and social benefits.
  • 2012

    Xinghui Group the company had become a modern private enterprise group that relied mainly on chip spinning, chemical fiber texturing, and garment fabrics while took foreign trade, industrial investment, and real estate development as secondary reliance.
  • To date

Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group   Add: Yinlong Village, Yaqian Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China
P. C.:311209


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